My top ten stupid suggestions

SwitzTrail :
Mr. Seigal, one of the quickest and least painful ways of balancing the budget would be if we could halve the roughly %9 unemployment rate with good paying jobs. If more people were receiving a decent paycheck, there would be more money to pay taxes, people would have more money to spend on stuff, and the companies that made that stuff could pay more taxes.

My stupid suggestions for getting the economy moving.

1) Raise the minimum wage to $50/hr. People will have more money to spend if we do. If that doesn’t get more money in people’s pockets, raise the minimum wage more.

2) Raise the capital gains tax so that people don’t invest in the stock market but pay their fair share to the government.

3) Give employers $4,000 per employee for jobs they have saved or created.

4) Give everyone a check for $20,000 pad for by a tax of $25,000 on everyone.

5) Eliminate the marriage penalty by offering an adultery permit.

6) Get rid of the deduction for charities. Make up for the lost revenue to charitable organizations by forcing people to volunteer.

7) Reduce the speed limit to 15 miles per hour. Since people will now spend more time in traffic, employers will be forced to hire more people.

8) Cash for Clunkers didn’t work. Make all those people give back that money so that we can try it again.

9) Solyndra failed because we didn’t give them enough money. We need to give Solyndra more money so they can hire those 1100 people back.

10) Tax Fox News $1.00 per viewer stolen from the fair news outlets.

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